Why Paragon

Why don’t we just do this ourselves?

That question has been asked by every single one of our customers before engaging with Paragon …. and it is a legitimate question. Every insurer has to consider the best solution to a problem and the most efficient use of their resources.

When it comes to (what seems like) straight forward billing and collection activities involving deductibles, subrogation receivables, or various assets related to loss sensitive policies, it is easy to initially assume that using internal staff is the right answer. However, once you sum up all that is needed to appropriately support these programs, you can begin to understand why more and more insurers are turning to companies like Paragon. Time and time again, Paragon has been able to prove that we can provide our clients with a sound business solution that yields better results, requires fewer resources, and is more cost effective than doing it internally.

Paragon applies a high level of refinement and technology to these typically underserved areas of a carrier’s operations. Paragon uses predictive analytics, inference algorithms, and a number of proprietary processes to improve the identification and recovery of assets that are owed back to insurers.

In addition to Paragon’s technology, our team of Claim Analysts manually review each and every receivable prior to approving it for recovery. This quality assurance process ensures that only valid receivables are being pursued. And since Paragon’s services are intrinsically scalable and fees are 100% contingency based, clients will already have a flexible solution for periods of increased activity, growth, or even market downswings.

A critical and costly issue can start with a single transposed or mis-entered number. Before you know it, the mistake could cost your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Working With Us

Paragon works with a wide variety of insurers including large stock companies, super-regionals, mutual insurers, personal lines carriers, regional players and specialty carriers. We have experience with primary as well as excess and surplus insurers and have worked with carriers in all different business stages including: start-up, growth, established and in runoff/liquidation. No matter what type of insurer you are or what your strategic goal is, Paragon can be a partner to help you to achieve those goals.

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