Past Due Deductible Collections

Is your team dealing with aging receivables? Paragon can help. Our team of deductible experts are ready to augment your staff with overflow capabilities on an as needed basis to handle your past due deductible collections to ensure your team stays focused on fresh files and your results remain within acceptable ranges.
Paragon works with you to establish an easy referral process. Once a file is placed with Paragon our team works persistently and professionally to resolve the outstanding balance as quickly as possible. Paragon’s experienced staff navigate any issues that the insured has and you are kept up to date with regular status reports and real-time management information via Paragon’s web portal.

The average commercial deductible is about $5,000.
We typically find between 300 and 700 of them. We’ll let you do the math.

The sooner we talk, the sooner you can find out what you’ve been missing.

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Ongoing Deductible Administration (Outsource)

As commercial insurers seek new ways to reduce operating costs and strengthen their bottom line, the ability to identify, bill and recover cash due to them will take on greater significance. Paragon’s third party deductible (TPD) administration services are designed to help you gain a competitive advantage by providing focus and unique technology to an otherwise underserved business process.

Paragon provides an ongoing administration solution for the entire TPD life cycle including: identification, qualification, billing, recovery, remittance and management reporting. By leveraging Paragon’s expertise in deductibles and its economies of scale, insurers gain an advantage over their competitors through:

Increased cash flow, reduced receivable aging and maximum collection success through our disciplined recovery process

Access to Paragon’s proprietary predictive analytics and data mining software to identify and recover deductibles that would have otherwise gone uncollected

Elimination of internal costs associated with deductible processing and administration

Access to the industry’s premier TPD billing and collection processes without significant internal investments in staff, software and hardware

Paragon’s Ongoing Deductible Administration service provides carriers with the comfort that all deductibles are being identified and recovered while also receiving the resource savings of a business process outsource.