Paragon has developed several unique services that are designed to provide P&C insurers with solutions to improve their financial performance. Paragon uses proprietary data mining tools and techniques to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of insurer’s processes. Choose a service below to learn more.

Third Party Deductibles

No other firm in the world has the tools, techniques or experience in this specialty billing area that Paragon has. Third Party Deductibles (TPDs) or Liability Deductibles are notoriously difficult and expensive for insurers to administer because they involve underwriting, claims, collections and typically cross several disparate IT platforms. Paragon has developed several deductible specific solutions to give insurers an edge over their competitors.

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SubroIQ is Paragon’s brand name for its suite of subrogation offerings. SubroIQ provides complete life-cycle subrogation solutions that can be inserted anywhere in the claims handling process. All services offer various levels of customization and are tailored to meet your company’s unique needs and internal guidelines. Leveraging predictive analytics and proprietary technology, SubroIQ’s streamlined solutions are designed to take the burden from our carrier partners while maximizing results.

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Loss Sensitive Services

Loss sensitive programs provide a means for carriers to offer reduced premiums in return for sharing a greater portion of risk with their insureds. These programs are often times designed to be flexible, whereby carriers can customize policies based on the needs of their insured. That flexibility, however, results in significant challenges in administering these programs.

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Premium Recovery

Paragon provides carriers a way to bolster their internal premium audit recovery successes. Our services range from file-by-file referral programs to complete outsources of the entire premium audit recovery process. With a long history of successful P&C collection experience and a strong understanding of industry nuances, clients have access to one of the most effective collection teams available.

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Self-Insured Retention Services

Self-Insured Retentions (SIRs) are an important risk sharing tool for an insurer to win and retain large national account business. However, most carriers don’t have a sophisticated solution to track and monitor SIRs.  The process is typically manually intensive and performed by some of the insurers most talented and expensive personnel. This can lead to some grave inefficiencies.

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Data Mining

The abundance of data that is captured today may actually have an adverse effect on a carrier’s operations.  Simply put, there is so much data that it may be difficult to make sense of it all. Paragon’s Data Mining Service (DMS) leverages proprietary software and predictive modeling expertise to allow its clients to make sense – and cents – from the data they capture.

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