Gauge the extent of missed subrogation leakage

Recoup lost subro dollars while focusing internal resources on higher priorities

Identify trends and patterns to fix internal leakage points

Regardless of the sophistication or number of stop gaps used by carriers to prevent subrogation leakage, SubroIQ has been successful in finding missed subrogation due to breakdowns in processes or manual oversight.

SubroIQ’s missed subrogation analysis can also be deployed on a real-time basis, providing a “safety net” for carriers. Time sensitive issues such as spoiliation, notice of liens and expiring statutes are actively monitored to ensure the opportune recognition of subrogation potential. This more timely review of new claim data allows clients to:

Recover more missed subrogation dollars faster

Increase recovery success rates via timelier subrogation recognition

Enhance policy holder satisfaction through faster deductible reimbursements

The real-time service can be custom-designed to refine your existing subrogation processes or replace existing audits to reduce costs and free up internal resources.

Recovery Administration Services

Maximizing a subrogation operation is not just about identifying and collecting every recoverable dollar that is out there. While this is a key component, operational expenses also need to be brought into this equation. This challenge becomes even greater as managers are faced with shrinking budgets and employee turnover. SubroIQ‘s Recovery Administration Services help to overcome these challenges and mitigate the risk associated to a key source of income.

Through a technology-based business model that leverages highly integrated workflows, SubroIQ has proven to deliver more efficient and effective services than its peers. SubroIQ offers a flexible model that allows its service to be custom-tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

  • Overflow and Outsource Services
  • Applicant and Respondent Arbitration
  • Uninsured Motorists Collections
  • Litigation Management

While our technology drives efficiency, our people are what make the difference! SubroIQ employs industry experts to ensure your files are handled with the highest care. Our staff consists of licensed subrogation adjusters with over 100 years of combined subrogation-specific experience. We pride ourselves on having each member of our team obtain the Certified Subrogation Recovery Professionals (CSRP) designation through the National Association of Subrogation Professionals (NASP).

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